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About Us


Faith Baptist is…


An Old-Fashioned Bible-Believing Church . . .

Independent -- Local Church oriented.

Fundamental -- If it’s in the Bible, we believe it!

Baptist -- Heritage of standing for the Truth.

Patriotic -- Religious freedom: a distinctively Baptist principle.

Family Oriented -- The home as designed by God.

Separated -- A firm stand against sin and worldliness.

Soul-winning -- Jesus last words are our first priority: “Go ... and preach the gospel” -- Mark 16:15.


Faith Baptist was...


Begun in 1985 by Missionaries James and Bonnie Winters.  With the passing of Pastor Winters in 2003 the mission was left without a pastor for some time.  In April 2008 Missionaries Bradley and Ronda Hastings arrived from serving in New Zealand for twenty-five years.  Since their arrival the mission has experienced a steady growth of Native Americans coming to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and being discipled.  The mission has or is presently ministering to Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, Kiowa, Lakota Sioux, Choctaw, Kickapoo, Cherokee, and Southern Cheyenne as well as some Hispanics who also love the Lord.  There is great excitement for the coming months as we wait to see how the Lord will continue to bless our congregation.


Pastor & Mrs. Hastings

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